Rush Hour

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Director: Brett Ratner
Writer: Jim Kouf and Ross LaManna
Producers: Arthur M. Sarkissian, Roger Birnbaum, Jonathan Glickman
Chris Tucker as Detective James Carter
Jackie Chan as Detective Inspector Lee
A Hong Kong businessman’s daughter is kidnapped for ransom. The FBI attempts to solve the case, while the Hong Kong man brings in his own private agent to help (Chan). The FBI wants to keep the new guy out of their hair, and delegate this task to one of their lowliest LAPD cops (enter Tucker). Stuck with each other, the unorthodox duo attempt to solve the case for themselves. Fun and action ensues.
Funny movie chopped full of action, lacks an original concept and plot line, but comes through with hilarious banter from Tucker and fun fight scenes with Chan. I found this film’s main point of interest to be Chris Tucker’s verbal potpourri of mild profanity and humour, but appreciate the fact that folks who don’t enjoy the man’s abilities may be turned off from this film. He reminded me a whole bunch of the young Eddie Murphy before the fame went to his head…vibrant, original and voracious for laughs!

Chan is also a great combo for Tucker’s motormouth, with his lack of English pronunciation, swift moves and graceful stuntwork. Chan is considered the straight man in this film, and works on that level. Some of his fans may be put off by the fact that he doesn’t joke around as much as his other flicks, but all in all, the duo clicked for me, and that’s what led this film to the recommendation arena. Some low points include the ho-hum story line, the obvious use of “hip” songs to pad some retarded scenes, and the lowly, and I do mean lowly, appearance by Chris Penn as a fat-ass con-man (es tu Penn?). How this man’s career went from RESERVOIR DOGS (9/10) to playing fourth banana in Chan movie, I’ll never know!

Overall, I will suggest this film to all those who appreciate the work of Chris Tucker (I liked him in most of his films, except FIFTH ELEMENT (6/10), in which I thought his wild animation was terribly out of place) and Jackie Chan. At the same time, I must say that if you are not a big fan of either star, and/or if you are looking for an interesting story line, skip this sucker and go back and rent either one of the Murphy movies that I mentioned earlier. One more thing, as per usual at the end of every Chan movie, this film includes goofs during the credits, which are just as (if not funnier) than most of the humour in this film. Stay tuned!

(c) 2021 Berge Garabedian

Rush Hour



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