Ryan Seacrest pays tribute to Pat Sajak ahead of Wheel of Fortune takeover

Ryan Seacrest, who will taking over Wheel of Fortune hosting duties next season, honored Pat Sajak after his final episode.

Last Updated on June 13, 2024

Wheel of Fortune

Pat Sajak has spun his last wheel, ending his 40+-year run as host of Wheel of Fortune this past week. But as they say, the game show must go on and after a summer hiatus, Ryan Seacrest will be taking over the much-loved television spin on hangman.

Following Pat Sajak’s final episode as Wheel of Fortune host, Ryan Seacrest posted the following message on Instagram: “Pat, congratulations on an incredible run with Wheel of Fortune! Your dedication, charm, and wit have made the show a beloved part of American television for decades. Your partnership with Vanna has been nothing short of iconic, and together, you’ve created countless wonderful memories for viewers. You’ve set the standard for hosts everywhere, and this marks the end of an era. Best wishes for all your future endeavors!” Seacrest will take over the role in September, bringing the show into its 42nd season.

Some were skeptical of the choice of Ryan Seacrest as Wheel of Fortune host, saying it was too easy, that the personality is overexposed and that somebody else should have been given a shot. Many even declared that longtime Sajak co-host Vanna White had rightfully earned the spot. But considering Seacrest is about 15 years older than Sajak was when he first took over for Chuck Woolery, those who dislike Seacrest won’t have nearly as much TV time with him…if they even tune in at all.

On his final episode of Wheel of Fortune, Pat Sajak expressed his gratitude for the show and noted just why it has lasted so long. “I’ve always felt that the privilege came with a responsibility to keep this daily half hour a safe place for family fun. No social issues, no politics, nothing embarrassing, I hope. Just a game. But gradually it became more than that: a place where kids learn their letters, where people from other countries hone their English skills, where families came together along with friends and neighbors and entire generations. What an honor to have played even a small part in all that. Thank you for allowing me into your lives.”

How do you think Ryan Seacrest will do as Wheel of Fortune host? Who might have been a better choice? Let us know below.

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