Wheel of Fortune: Vanna White is extending her contract to include time with the show’s new host

Wheel of Fortune’s Vanna White renews her contract to include time for Ryan Seacrest to take over hosting duties for Pat Sajak.

Last Updated on September 27, 2023

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As Wheel of Fortune heads toward the end of an era, at least one essential aspect of the show remains the same for now. Wheel of Fortune co-host Vanna White has extended her contract for two more years, meaning she’ll be part of the classic game show through the 2025-26 season. Wheel of Fortune recently began its 41st season, the last with longtime host Pat Sajak. Signing the deal means White will remain on the show as Sajak retires and the show’s new host, Ryan Seacrest, takes over. Wheel of Fortune’s contract keeps the show around through Season 45, with Seacrest at the helm.

“I love Vanna White. I’ve known Vanna for a long time,” Seacrest said in an interview with Fortune earlier this week. “We sat in important places next to each other. And I hope for nothing more than to be able to walk out on that stage and host with her.”

Co-hosting Wheel of Fortune isn’t White’s only role in the game show space. She’s returning as the host of ABC’s Celebrity Wheel of Fortune, which involves a handsome pay increase. Details remain a mystery, though White’s salary may increase for her Wheel of Fortune gig alongside Seacrest.

Meanwhile, Wheel of Fortune has a new director, Alex Van Wagner. Wagner is well-versed in various televised entertainments, including directing competition shows, scripted comedy, documentaries, and sports across networks, syndication, and cable. Wagner’s credits include shows like The Kelly Clarkson ShowHoley MoleyThe VoiceShark TankGame of Games, and Is It Cake?

When was the last time you watched an episode of Wheel of Fortune? Are you thrilled to hear Vanna White remains a part of the show for Sajak’s swan song and Seacrest’s ascension as the new host? Wheel of Fortune has been on TV for as long as I can recall, and it isn’t easy to imagine the show without Sajak or Vanna White. We’re nearing the end of an era, folks, and that old gray mare ain’t what she used to be.

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Source: Deadline

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