Sam Raimi names his favorite Sam Raimi film, has a couple options for his next one

Sam Raimi let fans know what his favorite Sam Raimi movie is, and mentioned that he has a couple options to choose from for his next film

Scott Beck and Bryan Woods, the directors of this weekend’s dinosaur thriller 65, and the film’s producer Sam Raimi recently sat down to answer fan questions during a Reddit AMA session, and some interesting information came out of that series of Qs and As. For example, Beck and Woods revealed that a sequel to their 2019 slasher Haunt is in the works, and Raimi mentioned that members of his Ghost House Pictures production team are trying to come up with a story for a sequel to his 2009 film Drag Me to Hell. During the session, Raimi also named his personal favorite Sam Raimi movie – and let fans know he has a couple options to choose from when the time comes for him to direct his next movie.

When asked “Of all the films that you’ve made, which one would you consider to be your personal favorite?”, Raimi answered, “My favorite personal movie is A Simple Plan mainly because I can watch the performances of my great friends Bill Paxton, Billy Bob Thornton, Brent Briscoe, and Bridget Fonda–and it’s a fun way to re-experience them!

I was kind of surprised to see that, thinking Raimi might go with one of the Evil Dead or Spider-Man movies. He held back on his usual stylistic tricks on A Simple Plan – he has said that was the first time he put the script ahead of style – but it is a great film.

As for what might be ahead for his career, Raimi said he would gladly return to write or direct for new entries in the Evil Dead, Spider-Man, and Doctor Strange franchises. He would also be happy to collaborate with the Coen Brothers again. But in the meantime, “I hope to be directing more soon, I’m working on a horror film with my brother Ivan and another film with some close friends of mine, perhaps it will be one of those two.

When asked if there’s a chance of him doing a smaller, more personal film, he said, “I would really like that. It’s so much more intimate working with a smaller crew. You aren’t able to do as much technically, but the friendships made and the quality of the experience is much more personally and seems to be more rewarding. You can really feel everyone’s contribution on a personal level when you work on a film of that size.

So we’ll have to wait and see what ends up being the next Sam Raimi film, but it’s good to know he has a couple options in development, and that he hasn’t closed the door on any of the franchises he has worked on. What do you want to see Raimi do next? And what is your favorite Raimi movie? Is it A Simple Plan? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

Source: Reddit

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