Send Help: Sam Raimi horror thriller finds new home at 20th Century, gets a rewrite from A Quiet Place duo

A Quiet Place duo Scott Beck and Bryan Woods have done a rewrite of Sam Raimi’s horror thriller Send Help, which is now at 20th Century

Sam Raimi

Back in 2007, it was rumored that Sam Raimi would be producing a fantasy film with a screenplay written by Freddy vs. Jason and Friday the 13th 2009 writers Damian Shannon and Mark Swift. That didn’t pan out, but a decade later Raimi considered directing a Bermuda Triangle project that once had Shannon and Swift working on the script. Again, that didn’t pan out, with Scott Derrickson and more recently Marc Webb picking up the project after Raimi dropped it. In 2019, it was announced that Raimi would be directing an untitled island horror thriller, working from a script by Shannon and Swift. Then the pandemic hit and Raimi went on to direct Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness… but now he has circled back to the island horror thriller, which is going by the title Send Help. This one was once set up at Columbia Pictures, but Deadline reports that it has moved over to 20th Century Studios – and the script has been rewritten by the duo of Scott Beck and Bryan Woods.

When Send Help was first announced, it was said to be like “Misery meets Cast Away” in tone. That’s still the description being given, as Deadline mentioned, “the film is described as a two-hander horror thriller set on an island, falling somewhere between Rob Reiner’s Stephen King adaptation Misery and Robert Zemeckis’ classic Castaway.” 20th Century hasn’t officially given it a greenlight yet, but here’s hoping they will soon.

Beck and Woods wrote the initial screenplay for A Quiet Place and have previously worked with Raimi on the Adam Driver dinosaur movie 65 and the anthology series 50 States of Fright. They wrote and executive produced the Stephen King adaptation The Boogeyman for 20th Century Studios.

Raimi is producing Send Help alongside Zainab Azizi, the President of his company Raimi Productions.

Film scooper Daniel Richtman recently revealed that Send Help has the following logline: Comedy-adventure horror about a female put-upon employee and her jerk boss. On a business flight together with their company, the plane crashes on an island and only those two make it. She has serious survival skills which means she’s his only hope.

Richtman also shared character details: LINDA: Smartest person in the room, but no one takes her seriously. Actor can’t be overly comedic, has to be believable in serious office setting. Eyed Sandra Bullock. BRADLEY: LINDA’S misogynistic boss.

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Source: Deadline

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