See the full gallery & winner of our 5th Annual Halloween Costume Contest!

Last Updated on August 2, 2021

Man, you guys do not make this easy. At all. Such a great onslaught of entries in our 5th Annual Halloween Costume Contest and I’m floored by some of the creativity and coolness that so many of you put into your get-ups. Seriously, take a bow. Quite a few trends this year, many of which we expected and others we didn’t. Harley Quinn and Joker were, of course, a popular trend and understandably so, as was The Walking Dead’s Negan. While everyone looks terrific, there are some definite standouts, including The Crow (wow!), BATMAN RETURNS Penguin, The SAW family, The MISS PEREGRINE’S family, Cyborg, female Darth Vader, and so many more.  The families really made a go of it in a group costume dynamic this year, too. Bravo, guys! As a longtime reader, well before I ever worked here, it seriously makes my heart swell to see not only the participation in this contest, but to watch our readers grow throughout the years. It’s awesome to see you guys go from singles to couples to families and show that same Halloween spirit as time goes on. It makes me proud to have such a great group of loyal readers sharing their pics and contributing to this little soiree. So damn cool.

Unfortunately, the task of choosing a winner is the most daunting one out of this whole thing, but in the end, we have to choose. After using our own evaluation principles and our general gut feeling on what is the coolest overall costume, we simply cannot resist the cuteness, originality, and nostalgic throwback of THE NEVERENDING STORY family. I mean, they have a luck dragon. A luck dragon! That’s just raising the future movie geek generation right and we are downright in love with baby Atreyu, the grown-up Empress, and that big, fluffy luck dragon. Congrats to Charlie Bodin and Paula Rhodes (who made all of this herself, including the luck dragon!) for this ensemble! So, uh, can I order a luck dragon?

They win a $100 Amazon gift card and their choice of a JoBlo Bobblehead or T-Shirt, not to mention the top spot here. Congrats again, guys! Atreyyuuuuuuu!


Think we’re off our rocker (I mean, that’s a given, but still…)? Think that others deserve some props? Well, we agree! That’s why we’re giving YOU, the reader, the chance to vote for your TWO other favorites below. Simply reply in the comments section with any two that you think deserve our runner-up award and they will get the props, as well as a JoBlo bobblehead or/T-shirt. It’s in your hands now! You’ll need an MFC account to comment, so get registered HERE if you’re not already.

Check out the full gallery of submissions and sound off with your favorites below! Our heartfelt, genuine thanks to EVERYONE for submitting to the contest this year! You guys rock us like a hurricane!



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