Sensoria teasers give a preview of the next Alex Proyas film, which is entirely generated with AI

The Crow director Alex Proyas is making a new movie called Sensoria, which is entirely generated with AI. Multiple teasers are online

Several months ago, Full Moon released a thriller called AImee: The Visitor, which was marketed as having “the very first AI-created femme fatale in film history.” Now director Alex Proyas – who has been very vocal about the fact that he doesn’t agree with the choices that went into the making of the remake of his most popular movie, The Crow – is taking the technology a giant leap further. Not only does his new movie Sensoria feature an all-AI cast, but the movie itself is entirely generated with AI. Proyas has released multiple short teasers for the film on his YouTube channel, and the longest, the “full length teaser,” can be seen in the embed at the top of this article. To see the rest, click over to YouTube.

Proyas has said that Sensoria is his “experiment to sustain an audience over 90 minutes and convey my own HUMAN vision via the machines.” For the credits, he wrote, “Video & voice by AI – written & directed by a human.

The filmmaker hasn’t revealed many details about Sensoria, but he did share a video that tells “The Story of the NPCs,” which is probably a major part of the film’s plot. That video can be found at the bottom of this article. Here’s the transcription: “In the heart of a sprawling metropolis in the early months of 1974, there existed a city within a city. A forgotten enclave where the forgotten resided. It was a place where the streets echoed with a haunting emptiness. Where shadows danced in the absence of life and where the air carried the weight of despair. This was the domain of the NPCs; non-essential, unwanted inhabitants deemed redundant in the grand scheme of human survival. It began with whispers, rumors that slithered through the alleys and lingered in the minds of the populace. The authorities, driven by a misguided sense of efficiency, had initiated a clandestine operation to rid the city of its surplus population. They targeted those who seemed to serve no purpose, whose lives were deemed inconsequential by the powers that be. Slowly but surely, under the guise of bureaucratic processes, the NPCs were rounded up like cattle into a forsaken corner of the city and left to fend for themselves. Among the forgotten souls was a man named Reject 53148C. Once a clerk in a nondescript office building, his days had been spent shuffling papers and following orders without question. Now he found himself trapped in this desolate place surrounded by others who shared his fate. For in the darkness of despair, amidst the shadows of a forgotten city, a glimmer of resilience emerged. A testament to the indomitable spirit of humanity in the face of adversity. And though their journey was fraught with uncertainty, they pressed on, guided by the belief that even in the darkest of times there existed a light that could never be extinguished.”

Some viewers were upset to learn that the recently released horror movie Late Night with the Devil featured three pieces of AI artwork, so I’m sure the idea of Alex Proyas making a feature film that’s entirely generated with AI isn’t going to go over well with a lot of people.

What do you think of Alex Proyas making an entirely AI movie? Check out the teasers, then share your thoughts on Sensoria by leaving a comment below.

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