Seth Rogen, Whiz Khalifa launch new shows through Pot Platform Merry Jane

Last Updated on August 2, 2021

* inhales deeply *

Some people will tell you that those who partake in the cannabis plant are lazy. Well, I would point those misguided fools in the direction of Seth Rogen, who's one of the busiest talents in the film industry today. For real, between PREACHER, THE DISASTER ARTIST, ZEROVILLE, THE LION KING, and FLARSKY, I'd say that Rogen is one productive pothead. Case in point, Variety is now reporting that new episodes of Rogen's TALKING BUDS (a show that humanizes various strains of cannabis, giving each a personality to creatively explain the effects of the strain when consumed) will be a part of Merry Jane's new lineup of content. Additionally, a new short-form series from rapper Whiz Khalifa and Taylor Greg will also be heading to the "go green" network.

But wait, there's more! Along with the above-mentioned shows, Merry Jane will also host an interview with Floyd Mayweather, which is scheduled to premiere before the Mayweather vs. McGregor bout on August 26th. For that, Mayweather discusses everything from coming out of retirement, business, sex, and politics to the plant that's Mother Nature's way of saying, "Hey, just try to relax, okay?" Not looking to stop there, the cannabis advocating label also has a Snoop Dogg-produced program called QUEENS OF THE STONED AGE in the works, which is set to gather a diverse group of engaging and entertaining women.

Oh … wait, what? Okay, check this out. Apparently, the Whiz Khalifa show is supposed to combine elements of JACKASS and AMERICAN NINJA WARRIOR, with a weed-related theme! That sounds … amazing, if you ask me! 

In talking about he upcoming slate of project, Merry Jane co-founder, Ted Chung, recently told Variety that, “Merry Jane will maintain its long-held tradition of collaborating with entertainment’s biggest names. Our goal is to change cultural and social perceptions of cannabis, and this nomination shows that we are doing exactly that. … Merry Jane has reached hundreds of millions of people across the globe, bringing cannabis related content to a mainstream audience. By showcasing the realities of modern culture through insightful and engaging programming, Merry Jane will continue to lead the fight to remove stigmas around cannabis and push for full legalization.”

Well, I know one person who's going to have to check his cable plan after this article goes live! Personally, as someone who's been living with Crohn's disease for over twenty years, I'm happy to see cannabis receive a positive platform like Merry Jane to help spread the word about its many medicinal benefits. Oh, and that Whiz Khalifa show sounds absolutely incredible, if that tantalizing descriptor isn't just blowing smoke.

You can catch Seth Rogen when he plays the character Sandy Schklair in James Franco's THE DISASTER ARTIST, which is set for release on December 8th.

Source: Variety

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