Shawkat is Whipped

I am going to go out on a ledge here, from which I may fall and hurt myself in bad ways, but with Alia Shawkat joining the cast of Drew Barrymore’s directorial debut WHIP IT!, I am going to declare this the best female ensemble in cinematic history. Shawkat of course, played Maeby Funke on Fox’s dead-too-soon “Arrested Development” and if you didn’t have a crush on her you probably like boys. She joins indie-it girl du jour Ellen Page, Barrymore, Marcia Gay Harden, Juliette Lewis, Zoe Bell and my favorite Kristen Wiig. Wow. Put all those women together and you get an edgy, sarcastic, motherly rocker chick who probably loves to cuddle. The movie follows Page as an indie-rock misfit (bold casting!) who discovers a roller derby league in her small Texas Town. Who cares if Barrymore is directing? With a cast like that I’m just so, so sold.

Source: Cinematical

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