UPDATED: It was a shout-out, not a hint! Simon Pegg visits Marvel and uses Twitter to flame controversy over Ant-Man

Last Updated on August 5, 2021

UPDATED: As we already knew, Pegg was just giving a shout-out to his friend Wright but the joking between the two of them about the “news” is hilarious:

Though we might be reaching, it seems that Simon Pegg is trying to put the internet into a frenzy.

Exhibit A:

With pal and long time collaborator Edgar Wright set to direct ANT-MAN, many have figured that he would find someone amongst his own crew to play Hank Pym. The first name that’s always popped up is Pegg’s– he has yet to take part in any comic franchise though we figured it would have already happened by now.

Is Pegg the right guy for the job? Is he telling us he wants the job? Is this more than just a tour of Marvel Studios? We know you’ve been there, you cheeky bastard. He’s pointing right at Ant-Man! But what our instincts tell us is that naturally he knows what kind of response he’s going to get when he does something like that. Sure, that’s his friends movie, but without even the slightest denial or even a confirmation, we’ve had nothing to go on when it comes to who will take the role.

Way to set the internet on fire. That’ll do Pegg, that’ll do.

Source: Twitter

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