Sofia Coppola’s Next

After taking some time off after the disappointment that was MARIE ANTOINETTE (it actually wasn’t a terrible film, it was more a perceived disappointment), writer/director Sofia Coppola is back. Coppola has set up the dramedy SOMEWHERE at Focus Features and set Steven Dorff and Elle Fanning to star. Set at the infamous Chateau Marmont in Hollywood, the film will follow a “bad boy” actor (Dorff) who’s been staying at the hotel, getting drunk, getting high and getting laid. He’s forced to reexamine his life when his 11-year-old daughter (Fanning) makes an unexpected visit. Coppola was able to secure permission to shoot at the Marmont and will begin production this summer. For those unfamiliar with the mystery of the Marmont, you can start at the Wikipedia page, which gives a pretty good rundown of all the insanity that’s taken place at the hotel over the years from Belushi to Lohan.

Source: Variety

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