Relax poolside by the Chateau Marmont in this poster for Somewhere

This new poster for SOMEWHERE gives off a very comforting feeling in my opinion.

You’ve got Elle Fanning and Stephen Dorff relaxing poolside with the Chateau Marmont Hotel in plain view. It’s very simple and what I would expect from a poster for a Sofia Coppola film.

While some are calling this the possible “triumphant return” for Coppola, I say she never left. Say what you like, but MARIE ANTOINETTE was a beautifully directed film. While Kristen Dunst may have faded from my list of favorite actresses, she gave her own spin on Marie. Jason Schwartzman shined everytime he was on-screen giving his quirky interpretation of Louis XVI. Then top it off with the sounds of New Order, The Cure, Adam and the Ants, and Siouxsie and the Banshees to name a few.

Moving on, this is about SOMEWHERE not ANTOINETTE. After a 4 year break, Coppola’s return looks just as moving as the rest of her films. It’s also nice to see Dorff in something like this. The guy is very underappreciated, I say. But that’s enough of me, check out the poster and get a second look at the trailer.

Source: Focus Features

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