Sony is considering stoking the flames of a St. Elmo’s Fire sequel if original cast members return

Sony wants to reunite Andrew McCarthy, Ally Sheedy, and other Brat Pack members for a St. Elmo’s Fire sequel.

St. Elmo's Fire, Sony, Emilio Estevez, Andrew McCarthy

Is the Brat Pack coming back? According to Deadline, Sony wants to rekindle the flame for a St Elmo’s Fire sequel if primary cast members are willing to return. While Sony is ready with wallet in hand to strike a deal, the proposed project depends on the participation of Andrew McCarthy, Emilio Estevez, Rob Lowe, Demi Moore, Judd Nelson, Ally Sheedy, and Mare Winningham.

The coming-of-age romance drama focuses on a group of friends fresh out of college and looking to start their lives as adults. Xennials connected with St. Elmo’s Fire significantly, especially in the face of an ever-changing world and the pressure to carry the generational torch for Generation X. In addition to being one of Joel Schumacher’s cinematic gems, St. Elmo’s Fire boasts a legendary soundtrack with artists like John Parr, Billy Squire, David Foster, Fee Waybill, Jon Anderson, Vikki Moss, and Airplay contributing one banger after another.

Sony’s St. Elmo’s Fire sequel would revisit the cast of characters decades after discovering who they are and living life to the fullest. The project is in its early development stage, with deals to assemble the original cast hanging in the air. A St. Elmo’s Fire does not work without the original cast, and considering how many of them feel about the “Brat Pack” label, Sony could be fighting an uphill battle. For context, “Brat Pack” members revealed in Andrew McCarthy’s documentary, Brats, that the name did more harm than good in their early careers. A St. Elmo’s Fire sequel could help them bury the past or resurrect it in unpredictable ways.

With Anthony Michael Hall saying he’d welcome a Weird Science remake and Sony wanting to fan the flames of St. Elmo’s Fire, are the ’80s coming back (again) in a significant way? It would be a hoot to see McCarty, Lowe, Moore, Sheedy, Nelson, and the rest of the cast reunited for a sequel if only to see if their chemistry still pops. What do you think about Sony trying to rekindle the Brat Pack for a St. Elmo’s Fire sequel? Let us know in the comments section below.

Source: Deadline

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