Stalingrad director to helm The Odyssey adaptation for Warner Bros.

Last Updated on August 5, 2021

STALINGRAD director Fedor Bondarchuk and Warner Bros. are teaming up for a new project. Deadline has learned Bondarchuck has been hired by the studio to direct ODYSSEUS, an adaptation of Homer's epic poem The Odyssey. It's being described as a "large-scale film," meaning he'll have quite a bit more money to work with compared to the $30 million budget he had for STALINGRAD. The Killing and Damages scribe Jeremy Doner will write the script for the adaptation.

The Odyssey takes place after the fall of Troy in Homer's Iliad, and follows Greek hero Odysseus as he makes his way back to Ithaca. While on his ten-year journey home, Odysseus encounters many different dangerous creatures and people, including the six-headed monster Scylla and the witch-Goddess Circe.

Glad to see Fedor Bondarchuk has been given the keys to a big new film. I was quite impressed with what he did with STALINGRAD (you can check out Chris Bumbray's review here), and it'll be interesting to see what the director can do with a bigger budget. Unfortunately, there's no word on when filming might start, or when we should expect Bondarchuk's new movie to hit theaters. Are you game for some sword play and mythical beast action with Fedor Bondarchuk's ODYSSEUS?

Source: Deadline

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