Starfleet Academy series in development at CBS Studios

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After laying dormant following the cancellation of Star Trek: Enterprise, Gene Roddenberry’s sci-fi franchise finally returned to television in 2017 with the release of Star Trek: Discovery. Thanks to the success of Discovery, fans now have more Star Trek shows than they know what to do with and there are even more on the way. Deadline has reported that the long-rumoured Starfleet Academy series is now in development at CBS Studios.

Located in San Francisco near the Golden Gate Bridge, Starfleet Academy is the primary academic and leadership center of higher education for potential Starfleet officers. A series centered around Starfleet Academy has been talked about several times over the past few years but Deadline hears that this latest take is being developed by Gaia Violo, co-creator of Absentia, a thriller series starring Stana Katic as an FBI agent who was presumed dead after being missing for six years.

The Starfleet Academy series is likely still in the early stages and won’t be the next Star Trek series we see. The Section 31 series starring Michelle Yeoh will be next up as Deadline hears that it should be getting an official pickup soon. The Starfleet Academy series will be pitched to Paramount+ in the near future and would hopefully get started next year. During the Television Critics Associations Paramount+ panel today, Star Trek franchise producer Alex Kurtzman hinted that “another series” besides Section 31 was in the works but that he wanted to keep “tight lipped” about it for the time being. “We have to think several years out,” Kurtzman said. “We’re thinking about knowing we’ll want new shows on the air two or three years from now so we have to start planning those now. There’s a bunch of things in development now that are starting to take shape and we’re super excited about it.” =Does a Starfleet Academy series have potential?

The fourth season of Star Trek: Discovery will return from its mid-season hiatus on February 10th and will be followed by the premiere of the second season of Star Trek: Picard on March 3rd and the debut of Star Trek: Strange New Worlds on May 5th.

Source: Deadline

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