Page Kennedy to play a country rapper in The Breed remake

Page Kennedy of The Meg is joining Fall’s Grace Caroline Currey in the remake of the 2006 Wes Craven production The Breed

Page Kennedy The Meg

Back in 2006, Wes Craven produced a killer dog movie called The Breed (watch it HERE), which was directed by Nicholas Mastandrea from a screenplay by Robert Conte and Peter Martin Wortmann and starred Michelle Rodriguez, Oliver Hudson, Taryn Manning, Eric Lively, Hill Harper, Nick Boraine, and Lisa-Marie Schneider. I thought the movie just slipped into obscurity, since I don’t think I’ve heard anyone reference it in the eighteen years since its release, but apparently it has gained enough of a cult following that it’s now getting the remake treatment. A couple weeks ago, we learned that Grace Caroline Currey of Fall is set to star in the film, and now Variety reports that Page Kennedy – who had to deal with man-eating sharks in The Meg and Meg 2: The Trench – has joined Currey in the cast of this killer dog redo.

Kennedy will be playing a character called Farmer John, “a country-rapper who provides comedic relief in the movie.

Brothers Nathan and Griff Furst are directing The Breed remake, and are also producing it hrough their Curmudgeon Films shingle. The Fursts are no strangers to killer animal movies, as Griff’s previous directing credits include Trailer Park Shark, Ghost Shark, Swamp Shark, Lake Placid 3, Alligator Alley, and Arachnoquake. The brothers teamed up to direct the 2018 movie Nightmare Shark.

The Breed remake will follow an eclectic group on a mission to search for abandoned dogs on a remote island — an expedition that ends in terror. Currey’s character is Violet, “a rebel icon and badass on a mission to search for abandoned dogs on a remote island which leads to complete adrenaline-fueled terror.

The 2006 film had the following synopsis: Two close brothers, Matt and John head to an exotic island for a week of fun and relaxation. Joined by Matt’s girlfriend Nicki, Sara, and a friend Noah, the group intend on having a week of relaxation, fun and spending quality time together. However, after one of them is viciously attacked by a dog, the friends decide to leave the island early – only to find their sea plane set adrift by the dogs. As the day goes on, the friends find themselves fighting for their lives against a vicious pack of mutated dogs who don’t intend on the group making it out alive off the island…

The remake sounds different enough that they could probably just call it a sequel if they wanted to, but apparently they don’t want to.

Are you interested in The Breed remake? What do you think of Page Kennedy signing on to play a comedic relief country rapper? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

Source: Variety

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