The Invitation Interviews: Nathalie Emmanuel, Thomas Doherty & more on their new horror flick

It’s fitting that Sony’s The Invitation is coming out through their Screen Gems division, as the movie really does feel like the kind of old-fashioned horror programmer we used to get from them in the 2000s. After a big summer of tentpoles, something is refreshing about a fun little horror flick, made with style, on the big screen.

Indeed, The Invitation serves as a long-overdue debut as a lead for star Nathalie Emmanuel. While she’s a very familiar face thanks to being on Game of Thrones and in the Fast & Furious movies, shockingly, she’s never played a lead before, something which I’ll admit was lost on me until told so by the director Jessica M. Thompson in our exclusive interview. Once I got the chance to talk to Emmanuel and co-star Thomas Doherty, I asked her what it was like leading a major studio film after so many years as a supporting player. All involved were super friendly and seemed enthusiastic about Thompson’s thriller, which plays almost like a gothic horror spoof of glamorous destination wedding movies like Crazy Rich Asians. Here, our lead, Emmanuel’s Evie, is invited to a glamorous remote wedding. Once there, she finds romance with a dashing aristocrat named Walter (Thomas Doherty), only to realize she’s been lured there for a deadly, gory (for a PG-13) reason.

Check out our interviews above and check out The Invitation exclusively in theaters this Friday! The less you know about it going in (the trailer gives too much away) – the better!

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