The Mandalorian: Fans call on Lucy Lawless to replace Gina Carano

Last Updated on August 5, 2021

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The Mandalorian fans are still dealing with the sudden, yet unsurprising, firing of Gina Carano after Lucasfilm parted ways with the actress due to a series of controversial social media posts. As they deal with her departure as bounty hunter Cara Dune, they have already done their own bit of recasting for the role and I must say it's a pretty inspired choice. 

Now that Carano is out, and her character was speculated to appear in the upcoming Rangers of the New Republic spin-off and season 3 of The Mandalorian, fans are calling on Lucasfilm to move forward with Lucy Lawless as her replacement. Purely from a physical standpoint, it makes perfect sense but when you go back into a signature role that she played, Lawless does seem like a candidate that they should consider.

Lawless is best known for playing the title role on Xena: Warrior Princess and she had her fair share of significant roles that have become fan favorites since. Lawless has a positive reputation for being a badass onscreen and I'm pretty sure she's clean of any social media chatter that would make her a problematic recast. One fan on Twitter stated, "Can we just swap out Gina Carano for Lucy Lawless and never address it the way Marvel did with Howard and Cheadle?" Of course, that is a reference to Don Cheadle taking over Terence Howard's role as Colonel James Rhodes in the MCU after negotiations broke down with Howard. Another fan spoke to a desire for Lucasfilm to make some money in the deal by saying "Hear me out, Casting Lucy Lawless as Cara Dune would sell SOOO many action figures. I'm just saying. She'd bring in a lot of bank."

It's too early for Lucasfilm to think about who, if anyone, should replace Carano but the internet has been known to cultivate some positive ideas and get things moving. Perhaps if they see enough groundswell for it they just might give Lucy Lawless a call and I have a strong feeling she wouldn't mind hearing them out on an offer.

Do YOU Think Lucy Lawless would be an adequate replacement for Gina Carano? Check out some of the Twitter support for Lucy Lawless below!

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