The Time Runner movie coming from director Wes Ball at Paramount

Last Updated on August 2, 2021

The Time Runner, movie, Paramount, Wes Ball

Paramount has gotten their hands on The Time Runner, a novella written by Michael Sherman. With the book secured, the studio wants Wes Ball to develop and direct an adaptation. Steve Desmond and Sherman will pen the script, with Ball and his Oddball Entertainment partner Joe Hartwick Jr. producing. The plot for The Time Runner is being kept under wraps at this time, though we do know that Paramount senior vice president Alex Jackson will oversee the project.

As far as writers go, Desmond and Sherman are a hot ticket right now, with several scripts being voted onto the Black List for the past three years. They recently wrote an adaptation of the Craig Davidson novel The Saturday Night Ghost Club and have sold numerous scripts to Warner Bros. It's also worth noting that Ball is in charge of directing the next Planet of the Apes reboot for 20th Century Studios. Ball's other directing gigs include helming all three films in the Maze Runner trilogy, in addition to several short films early in his career.

We'll undoubtedly hear more about The Time Runner as the project continues to come together. Until then, I can only guess that Ball will lend his flair for splashy sci-fi to this time-hopping concept.

Source: Deadline

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