Titans Season 4 production officially swings into action

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With reviews for The Batman currently making the rounds, everyone’s got superheroes on the brain. Therefore, it’s the perfect time to announce that production on Titans Season 4 has officially begun! While HBO Max hasn’t set a release date for the show’s return, writer-producer Richard Hatem was excited to give fans the good word about Season 4 on Monday.

Season 3, which wrapped last fall, saw the heroes moving from San Francisco to Gotham City. In addition to dealing with new threats, Season 3 featured Jason Todd abandoning the Robin mantle to become Red Hood. Oh, and did I mention that Red Hood is teaming up with Scarecrow?

When Titans Season 4 kicks off, the team will fight new foes. Joseph Morgan (The Originals) has become a series regular as Sebastian Blood, a.k.a. Brother Blood, and Franka Potente (Claws) will play May Bennett, also known to fans as Mother Mayhem. Rumors are circulating that Lex Luthor will also become a part of Titans Season 4, giving Superboy an arch-nemesis for new episodes.

With Covid-19 restrictions relaxing in certain parts of the world, Titans Season 4 should have a smoother production than Season 3. Fans can also look forward to several threads from Season 3 being pulled upon when new episodes hit. What’s up with Donna Troy? How will Tim Drake’s induction into the group play out? You can expect answers to these questions and more when Titans returns to HBO Max later this year.

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