Trailer: Adam Scott is stepdad to the Antichrist in Eli Craig’s Little Evil

Last Updated on August 2, 2021

Little Evil Owen Atlas Eli Craig

Having put a comedic twist on a slasher scenario with his feature directorial debut TUCKER & DALE VS. EVIL, Eli Craig is now skewering the "my child is the Antichrist" set-up of films like ROSEMARY'S BABY and especially THE OMEN with his new movie, LITTLE EVIL, which is set to debut on the Netflix streaming service on September 1st.

Starring Adam Scott, Evangeline Lilly, and Owen Atlas, LITTLE EVIL follows 

Gary, who just married Samantha only to find out that her 6-year-old son is the Antichrist.

Also in the cast are Donald Faison, Chris D'Elia, Brad Williams, Bridget Everett, Clancy Brown, Marcus Terrell Smith, and Tyler Labine (who played Dale in TUCKER & DALE).

With the release just over a week away, Netflix has put out a trailer for the film that can be seen below. LITTLE EVIL looks like a highly amusing good time to me, I love the direct nod to THE OMEN with the little kid's wardrobe. It's great to see Craig making another feature seven years after TUCKER & DALE, and he assembled an awesome cast to bring his story to the screen.

Source: Arrow in the Head

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