Whoa! New trailer for Keanu Reeves’ Man of Tai Chi has got the kung fu!

Keanu Reeves is taking on two new roles with the upcoming kung-fu extravaganza MAN OF TAI CHI, serving as the film's villain and the film's director. Having acquired a taste for martial arts during his long tenure with THE MATRIX films, Reeves is using his contacts from that franchise, including martial artist Tiger Hu Chen, who also stars as the film's lead, and legendary fight choreographer Yuen Woo-Ping, who lends his considerable skill here. Reeves is joined in front of the camera with IP MAN's Simon Yam and THE RAID: REDEMPTION's Iko Uwais.

Finish him!:

Overall, this looks like a lot of fun. If you asked me back during his BILL AND TED days if I thought Keanu Reeves would ever be an action star, let alone be directing a martial arts movie I'd probably have laughed it off, but it seems that the actor is full of surprises. Based on the trailer, this looks like a solid fight flick, which benefits greatly from all the talent involved.

MAN OF TAI CHI does not have a set release date as of yet, but is expected sometime in 2013.

Source: Universal Pictures

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