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Bettany a Priest

03.31.2009by: Jared Pacheco
Eariler this month I told you all how Screen Gems had pegged PRIEST with a release date of 2010. At the time I asked who you al thought might be perfect to put on the collar and battle some baddies. Well today the decision has been made it seems!

According to The Hollywood Reporter the lead role in PRIEST is nearly cast. It seems Paul Bettany is in the front-running for the role. Why Paul Bettany? Well Bettany (right) had recently worked with PRIEST director Scott Stewart on the upcoming LEGION and it seems Screen Gems president Clint Culpepper is deadset on Bettany:

"I knew the moment I saw Stewart's first cut of 'Legion' that Bettany was Priest and so I mentioned it to him immediately."

Oh I'm definitely for this! Bettany is genius and would kill the role in my opinion. The story of PRIEST follows a member of the clergy who decides to go all vigilante and leave the church to battle some vampires after they kidnap his niece. I can definitely see Bettany tearing up this role! Mind you Bettany isn't signed yet, he's only in talks... but let's hope this one comes through! Keep it here for any updates as we hear them.

Extra Tidbit: Can you think of anyone better for PRIEST than Bettany?
Source: THR



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