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Apr. 7, 2009by: Jared Pacheco

Just a couple days ago I told you about Richard Kelly's latest blog entry where he talks a bit about his upcoming flick THE BOX. Well today comes another update from Mr. Kelly... and this time we get a look at the first poster for THE BOX as well!

Kelly's post reads: Hello everyone,

A quick follow up on my update from last week on THE BOX.

WB has just finished the poster for the film, which Iím proud to share with you here.

I think the poster captures the suspense and conflict in the film, and at the same time has a bit of a classic Hitchcockian vibe to it.

Look forward to hearing your feedback.


You can go ahead and scope the poster out above. As much as I want to love it... I'm not digging this one at all. I'm liking the groovy little spooky dude wielding the 'box' and the red stripe is pretty cool... but the big shot of Cameron Diaz's head? Not cool. And the tagline? 'You are the experiment.' The poster isn't doing anything for me but let's hope the movie is much, much more. It hits theaters October 30th.

Extra Tidbit: Kelly said THE BOX is his 'most personal film to date' and that he's 'very proud of how it turned out.'
Source: MySpace

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