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Christa Campbell's Day

04.01.2008by: Mike Catalano

Genre darling, Christa Campbell (the busty, but deadly milk maiden from 2001 MANIACS), talked recently with Movies Online on her role in the upcoming DAY OF THE DEAD, which is out on DVD April 8th (see The Arrow’s review here). I would normally look for any excuse to speak about the lovely and luscious Ms. Campbell, but today I actually learned some pretty cool stuff about her (beyond the obvious boobage). So, if you can take your eyes off the pics above and below for just a sec (I know it’s hard), you’ll find out her knack for stunts, gore, and obtaining a part in DAY OF THE DEAD! (Just minor SPOILERS ahead.)

According to Campbell, the origin of her role in the flick went as follows: “So I tracked down (director) Steve Miner since I knew I had to be in this movie. When I met Steve it was great, he loved me, so they actually rewrote the part to suit me better.” (I’d rewrite my movie too if I knew I could get Christa Campbell to be in it.) “Originally my character was in her mid 40’s, so they changed it to be younger, and rewrote some of the dialogue.”

When asked how comfortable she was with all the gore in the film, her reply was, “I’m very comfortable with it. That’s the exciting part of making a horror movie: to actually be able to do things, like turn into a zombie or fight someone. It’s boring when you just come on screen and say a couple of lines, or have to sit around and cry.” Couldn’t have said it better myself!

Regarding the zombie-inspired stunt work Campbell reveals, “I did all of my own stunts. I went through the window, I did all the fighting, the running, the slamming into things. It was 3 hours in make up and the person doing my stunts wasn’t done up with as much detail makeup-wise. So Steve Miner came to me and asked how comfortable I would be with doing some of my stunts so that he could get my face more during the action, and I was all for it. That was me slamming around, and I even pulled a hamstring. The only thing they used a stunt for was the actual falling from the window. I went through the window, but I landed on one of those mattress things, not the full fall.” We should all be so lucky as to someday land on a mattress with Christa.

For the entire article, click here.

Source: Movies Online



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