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Details & Poster for The Harvest! Henry/Serial Killer director signing on?

04.17.2010by: Jared Pacheco
Director John McNaughton hasn't been doing much lately. Hell the last feature film the man tackled was way back in 2001! Well that won't do for the guy who's arguably best known for directing 1986's HENRY, PORTRAIT OF A SERIAL KILLER. So what could McNaughton br working on soon? We've got the details!

It seems the WILD THINGS (below) director is eyeing a project over at Elephant Eye Films called THE HARVEST. What's the deal with THE HARVEST you ask? Well let me tell you.

The Harvest centers on a young doctor and nurse who are trying to adjust to a new life when their child is born with a debilitating disease. How far are they willing to go in order to save their only sonís life?

The script, which is said to be a cross between psychological thriller and traditional horror, comes from scribe Stephen Lancellotti. Above you'll find an early poster for the flick. Pretty cool... except that didn't really work for THE UNINVITED so why would it now?

So what do you say? You want to see McNaughton have some fun with this one? Sounds like it could definitely have some mindf*ck potential. We'll keep a lookout for more on THE HARVEST so be sure to keep checking back!

Extra Tidbit: John McNaughton is also eyeing a flick called SWEET for Peter Newman Productions. The flick will follow Steve, an average teenager who happens to get kidnapped and raped by two delusional housewives. This could go a couple different ways here... CLASH OF THE TITANS' Nicholas Hoult is said to be eyeing the role of Steve.



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