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Electra chats Machete

11.18.2009by: Ammon Gilbert

One of the highlights from Robert Rodriguez's PLANET TERROR was the drop-dead gorgeous (and totally crazy) Babysitter Twins, played by Elise and Electra Avellan.

Smokin' hot twins such as the Avellan Twins can go far in the industry--especially when your uncle is Robert Rodriguez. The Twins are currently working on Rodriguez's MACHETE (as Sexy Nurse #1 and Sexy Nurse #2), and one of them (Electra) had a chance to sit down and chat about it with Fangoria.

While she couldn't say a whole lot, she did say something, which is always better than nothing at all. Here's a taste: I can't talk much about the production of the film. Not yet. What I can say is that it will surprise everyone. It is a very well done movie. I believe Robert has a keen eye for what's good, and this film is just that- really good!

Ok, so it's a cookie-cutter response, but it's a response none-the-less. Actually, it's mostly just an interview to check out if you think she's a smokin' hottie (which she is), and if you want to know what actresses inspired her, what her favorite movies are, or how she was in love with Robert Patrick from TERMINATOR 2. You know you want to know all about that, so be sure to check this INTERVIEW out right now.

Keep it right here for all of your MACHETE news as it breaks... hopefully a new trailer or poster will be arriving soon!

Extra Tidbit: The Avellan Twins are originally from Caracas, Venezuela.
Source: Fangoria



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