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Filmmaker Adam Green talks Hatchet on Blu-Ray, Hatchet 2, Frozen & More!

04.27.2010by: Jared Pacheco
Chances are if you're a fan of the horror genre, you like director Adam Green. It's hard not to like the guy! He loves the genre, loves the fans and just loves what he does. All in all, a wicked cool guy! And his flicks rock pretty hard too! Alright... so maybe you're not a big Adam Green fan, but I bet there are a lot more of you out there that like the man's work rather than dislike it. Right? Right.

The writer/director/producer has been hard at work as of late too! First he had his film FROZEN tearing up the festival circuit and scoring buzzing reviews wherever it went then he went right on to make the much anticipated sequel HATCHET 2. Having completed filming, Green has been working on HATCHET 2 day and night. The man is a machine! Luckily for us, today he decided to take some time and update all of his fans on a few things via his MySpace blog!

Now the entry is actually pretty long, so head right over HERE to read up on the whole thing. Otherwise just keep it here as I run through some of the more juicy parts of the blog.

"...What was supposed to be nothing but a good time getting the “band” back together again (we kept referring to the shoot as our ‘victory lap’) turned out to be the hardest shoot I’ve done to date. I know you’re thinking; “Really? A harder shoot than FROZEN? How could 3 weeks on a comfy sound stage have been tougher than the top of a mountain in the dead of winter?” But let’s back up a bit….."

Green goes into detail on the years between HATCHET and HATCHET 2 and why he stepped away from "Victor Crowley" for a while. He also taps into some things he did in HATCHET (and things he didn't do...) in preparation for the sequel, which has always been in the cards apparently. I mean this dude really gets into the making of HATCHET 2! So if you're a fan, you'll definitely want to check his latest blog entry.

Green also tells us that HATCHET 2 should be hitting theaters sometime this September, with all kinds of goods from the film popping up all Summer. He also talks a bit about why he's been so quiet about production on HATCHET 2 and what he thinks about genre websites, like this one! Hint: He digs them. How can he not right? The man just thinks with a flick like HATCHET 2, mysterious is the best way to go.

We also learn that not only will FROZEN be hitting DVD this Fall, but so will HATCHET! In September HATCHET will be released on blu-ray with a brand new commentary track from Green and "Victor Crowley" himself Kane Hodder! And lastly, Green lets loose the news that Los Angeles' 'Weekend of Horrors' will see the first ever HATCHET 2 footage! That's May 22nd folks!

So there's the just of it. A lot to shovel down huh? If you're itching for more be sure to head right over HERE to read the entire entry. Keep it here for more on HATCHET 2, Adam Green and everything in between!

HATCHET star Mercedes McNab
Extra Tidbit: So will you be picking up HATCHET once it hits Blu-Ray?
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