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01.29.2009by: Mike Catalano

A long time ago, I introduced you guys to a new and interesting horror indie called THE INTERVENTION. I was really diggin’ its fun, original plot which, surprise, surprise, ain’t about drinking or drugs. Have yourself a look and see:

On September 17th 2002, eight people gathered in an isolated house just North of Los Angeles, to intervene in the destructive path of alcoholic husband, friend, and brother, Matt Garret. The horrific, paranormal events that transpired on that autumn night, could only lead to one implausible conclusion - demonic possession. THE INTERVENTION is a psychological/horror film that will challenge one’s faith in the true powers of good and evil. The mind has many doors and what you see may not be fact.

What I really like about INTERVENTION is how director/co-writer Shannon Hile and her co-writer Richard Eden were going for a very 70s/80s retro vibe when envisioning the flick. Eden said that they were “trying to recreate that ‘anything goes’ feel from ’70s and ’80s horror. We feel a lot of the new films have gotten away from that—for one thing, they’re all remakes now!” Amen to that! I’m always up for a horror flick that decides to take the “old school” route.

You can find two brand new pics from the flick up top and below. In addition to Eden, the cast consists of Dwier Brown, Kamala Lopez, Patricia Place, Richard Eden, Raymond O'Connor, and Thomas Crawford. You can find plenty more information at the official website right here.

Extra Tidbit: Hile and Eden are actually wife and husband too.
Source: Fangoria



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