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INT: Susan Ward

07.14.2000by: The Arrow

The Arrow interviews Susan Ward

Hey guys! The Arrow recently had the pleasure of exchanging a few words over the phone with Susan Ward, the star of the upcoming "The In Crowd". The film is directed by Mary Lambert who helmed the excellent "Pet Semetary" and it's coming out on July 19. This is how it went down…

Susan Ward: Hello!

The Arrow: Hey Susan!

S.W: Hey, how's it going?

T.A: Pretty good and yourself?

S.W: Good.

T.A: A little bit tired?

S.W: I guess.

T.A: From all the interviews?

S.W: I'm ok, I'm all good.

T.A: Cool…here we go: so is this movie in the same league as "SCREAM" and "I Know What You Did Last Summer"?

S.W: No, it's not like a slasher movie by any means. It's more like a thriller, a psychological thriller.

T.A: It's a whodunit, isn't it?

S.W: It's not really too much of a whodunit, it doesn't really have a lot of blood, gore, it's more about how they do it and why do they do it.

T.A: You play Brittany, the leader of the "In Crowd"…

S.W: The leader of the pack.

T.A: So what appealed to you about the part when you read the script?

S.W: It's great! It was just like a different role. I've been on Sunset Beach for two years, I played the sweet innocent girl and this was just the complete opposite of her. It's so much fun to play the "bad girl". It's a good script and I had so much fun with it.

T.A: Did you guys do a lot of improv on set?

S.W: Not really that much improv, in a few scenes where we had lots of good takes we did some improv cause we wanted to show the camaraderie between the kids cause they've been together their entire lives. So that was a lot of fun.

T.A: So what kind of research did you do for the part, did like you hang out at "country clubs"?

S.W: No. Basically the research I did was to think of every snooty and snotty girl I ever knew in high school, in college or even now and sort of put them all into one big package and become that ultimate like… bitch…a manipulative woman that sort of controls everything, always dangling something over somebody's head…

T.A: How was it working with Mary Lambert?

S.W: She's wonderful, we got along like so well, she actually called me last night to say hello. She's great, she gave me great direction and you know…I loved her!

T.A: So do you think this movie is gonna be a hit?

S.W: I'm hoping! We all are.

T.A: Would you come back for seconds?

S.W: I don't know if it will become something like that but hopefully it will give me something, get my name out there so I can do different things. I don't always wanna play the bitch.

T.A: What was the hardest scene you had to do as an actress?

S.W: There was some difficult scenes, but just as far as in the length that they were or the different set ups that we had to do. It was actually all such a pleasure to do. The scenes where I had to do more physical things were the hardest, cause at one point I knocked myself out with a shovel and that was like the downer of the evening.

T.A: (laugh) I heard you guys came close to being hit by a hurricane (they were filming in South Carolina)?

S.W: We did, we had to evacuate at one point, hurricane Boyd.

T.A: And how long did that last?

S.W: I think we left on Monday or Tuesday came back into town on Friday and we resumed filming on Monday.

T.A: Are your aspirations reserved only for acting or do you want to eventually get into directing or screenwriting...?

S.W: No, I think only acting. I'm not really pursuing producing, directing, writing things, anything like that…I just really love to act.

T.A: So what can people expect when they go see this movie?

S.W: A lot of surprises, a lot, a lot, a lot of twists and turns, you'll never really expect what's gonna happen next.

T.A: Well, I'm done!

S.W: Ok… thank you so much.

T.A: Later.

And that's all she wrote, kids. Thank you for your time Susan and good luck with the film. I can't wait to see this one…I'm a big Mary Lambert fan.



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