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Kevin Williamson has ideas for future Scream films

07.24.2014by: Kevin Woods

Harvey Weinstein has stated that he wants his brother Bob (who runs The Weinstein's genre division Dimension) to give the SCREAM series another stab, and original SCREAM scribe Kevin Williamson says he's got ideas for two more sequels...if the Weinstein's want to buy the stories from him.

Williamson spoke out about possible SCREAM sequels at this years Television Critics Association Summer Press Tour and made it clear that he's willing to sell his pitches to Bob Weinstein, sharing...

“It’s weird, when I pitched Scream 4, I pitched Scream 4, 5 and 6...I pitched a whole new trilogy. I guess Scream 4 never took off in a way they hoped, and so…”

While Williamson went on to confirm what any SCREAM fan already knows–he’s “not involved” in the series development anymore, as Wes Craven and his team are “done with [him]“–he also noted that these original pitches could very well turn into something bigger in the future, if all goes well. But Williamson made it clear that in the event Bob Weinstein would like to end the SCREAM franchise with 6 films, he has the story mapped out. Williamson stated...

“It’s all here [pointing to his head] and my computer … if they wanna buy it from me!” 

Williamson also shared that he is not involved in the upcoming MTV "Scream" series in any capacity, not even as a consultant, but did state that he'd tune in to check it out.

“I’m curious. I’ll watch it. I’ll give it a go. Teen Wolf turned out to be a fun romp–I enjoy the hell out of that–so maybe MTV’s on a roll and it will be a good, cool thriller.”

I'm hoping Bob Weinstein has Williamson's number on speed-dial. While SCREAM 4 didn't exactly light up the box-office, it was still a fun entry in the franchise and left the door open for more stories. If Williamson has a way to wrap up Sidney Prescott's tale I wanna see it! How about you? Hit us up with your thoughts below.

Extra Tidbit: Are you down for more SCREAM films?
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