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Milla Tweets Executioner

11.05.2009by: Jared Pacheco

Just 24 hours ago I told you all how Milla Jovovich had started up a Twitter page to keep us all in the loop regarding RESIDENT EVIL: AFTERLIFE. Normally I would just tell you all something like this and I would then leave it up to all of you to check back on it whenever you please. Well today Milla 'tweeted' something that brought a smile to this guy's face so I figured I'd point it out to all of you:

"wow, ali larter's ass looks amazing in her costume!"

Oh... uh. That wasn't the tweet I was talking about... But it still brought a smile to my face. Here's the bit I meant:

"they were of the big action sequence with Alice and Claire fighting THE EXECUTIONER who in reality is an 8 ft. tall heavy weight boxer! ...... he has a HUGE axe and we're in a prison shower, so everytime he swings the axe, showers explode!"

Seriously? She's talking about that bruiser above right? Most recently seen in the RESIDENT EVIL 5 video game! First we get Chris Redfield and Wesker... now this? Color me officially stoked for AFTERLIFE! God I hope this thing doesn't suck! Though I suppose odds are it will. Imagine that dude's ax swinging at you in 3D though? Nice!

I highly recommend keeping updated on Jovovich's Twitter if you're the least bit interested because it seems a lot of goodies can be found there: "still floating on air after that excellent flying spin kick, i definitly think we've topped the other RE films with this one. like an arrow. ..... i have to have blood on my arm dripping from an open wound i get fighting Wesker and it literally froze"

As always be sure to keep it here for RESIDENT EVIL: AFTERLIFE news as we hear it!

Extra Tidbit: Do you prefer constant updates like this from a set, updates few and far apart or no updates at all?
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