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11.08.2005by: Matt Withers

Looks like psychological thriller AWAKE has added some new cast members. Joining the previously announced Jessica Alba and Hayden Christensen are Lena Olin, Terrence Howard and Sam Robards.

While pic doesn't sound like it'll involve much actual horror, it is a solid, cringe-inducing concept:

Christensen plays a victim of "anesthetic awareness," in which a patient remains awake but paralyzed during surgery. Olin and Robards play Christensen's parents, and Alba plays his wife, who's facing her own demons. Howard plays the heart surgeon who leads the operation.

That sounds like a very special level of hell to me, being awake during surgery but nobody knows. I'm definitely interested to see where they take it. Add to that the flick's got two of the hottest women alive in their respective demographics and it has firmly earned a place on my keep an eye on list.

Now you already got to have Lena on top, so I think it's time to enjoy Jessica down below.



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