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11.04.2008by: Jared Pacheco
Way back in August we told you how a MOTHER'S DAY remake was in the works. The only other news we had was that Brett Ratner was looking to produce with Darren Lynn Bousman directing.

Well ShockTillYouDrop got word from Darren Lynn Bousman himself that Scott Milam will be penning the script. Milam doesn't have too many credits behind him, but did write the controversial screenplay WICHITA and will be penning the BEDLAM remake. Bousman had a bit to say about what he and Milam plan on bringing to the screen, here's a little taste:

"...What we're talking about doing right now is going to offend everybody, and that's what I want to do. I want to offend people."

Now the only thing I've really liked from Bousman would be SAW 2, but dare I say I might actually be excited for MOTHER'S DAY? I've never seen the original, I've barely even heard of it, but what Bousman is saying has definitely peaked my interest. To read up on a bit more of what he had to say, head right over here.

MOTHER'S DAY was a horror flick from the early 80s that came from the warped mind of Charles Kaufman. Here's a synopsis from IMDB: Three women who were friends in college get together for a ten year reunion and decide to go camping in the woods. Unknown to them, two boys and thier mother who happen to live in those very same woods, like to abduct people, who happen to wander in thier neck of the woods, and torture them, just like they see on TV! Well if anyone knows how to torture people in today's cinema, it's Bousman! Apparently Bousman has already dropped word that he plans on putting the gorgeous Alexa Vega in the movie, works for me! STYD also mention how Bousman isn't sure if MOTHER'S DAY will be his next project, so we might be waiting a while for this one. As always, we'll keep you updated.

Source: STYD



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