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New red-band trailer for IFC Midnight's Plus One (+1) invites you to party with terror

Sep. 19, 2013by: Kevin Woods

Earlier this week we hit you with a groovy red-band clip from Dennis Iliadis' upcoming PLUS ONE (+1), a film that our very own The Arrow described as 'a well written, visually stimulating, mucho sexy and clipped paced ride that kept me guessing' and that our own Eric Walkuski described as 'a damn weird movie. Part sci-fi horror flick, part CAN'T HARLDY WAIT-esque teen comedy, the movie defies description at every turn'. Ok, I'm sold! This one sounds like a lotta fun.

Today we have a new red-band trailer for the thriller below, just ahead of tomorrow's theatrical and On Demand release of the film! Check it out below.

In addition, make sure to get your questions ready for stars Rhys Wakefield, Logan Miller & Dennis Iliadis' exclusive "Ask Me Anything" chat tomorrow (9/20) at 4:00pm ET on Reddit (click HERE).

Extra Tidbit: Will you be partying with PLUS ONE (+1) when it opens tomorrow?
Source: Yahoo! Movies


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