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Paranormal Activity 4 specs are announced and Criterion releases The Blob on Blu-ray

12.18.2012by: Ike Oden

Here are two movies that couldn't have less to do with each other but are both hitting Blu-ray next year. Why not shove 'em together into one story? If you need a common thread between them, um... let's see... they're both about teenagers. Yeah, that's the ticket! It's just too bad PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 4 didn't star a 28-year-old Steve McQueen as one of its youths. That demon thing wouldn't have stood a chance...

Anyway, PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 4 will be hitting shelves January 29th. The Blu-ray/DVD combo will feature both the unrated and theatrical version along with a digital copy of the film and an Ultraviolet code. Special features are scant, giving us merely 30 minutes of newly found footage (um, deleted scenes). A single disc DVD accompanying the DVD will have no such features. Enjoy the artwork below...

Next up-- THE BLOB. You shouldn't beware Criterion's upcoming upgrade, which hits shelves March 12th. Though I can't speak to the quality of PA 4, I did catch a theatrical re-release of THE BLOB in October and the film holds up beautifully. It's an earnest monster movie that's as much a portrait of teen culture in the 1950s as it is a pitch-perfect popcorn horror flick. Check out the artwork and grab bag of extra features for the disc below. While you're at it, pre-order PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 4 and show your support for horror films revolving around teenagers.

-New high-definition digital restoration, with uncompressed monaural soundtrack on the Blu-ray edition

-Two audio commentaries: one by producer Jack H. Harris and film historian Bruce Eder and the other by director Irvin S. Yeaworth Jr. and actor Robert Fields


- Blobabilia!, a gallery of collector Wes Shank’s rare trove of stills, posters, props (including the blob itself!), and other ephemera

-An essay by critic Kim Newman

Extra Tidbit: I'll definitely be grabbing latter, but what about you guys? Talkback with your pick of the pair below.



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