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11.06.2008by: Jared Pacheco

In the past week we've shown you all a couple shots from George A. Romero's new OF THE DEAD entry. Now IMDB had the film listed as ISLAND OF THE DEAD but the new poster for the flick says otherwise!

That's right, a teaser poster for Romero's newest undead adventure has debuted at the American Film Market. You can check out a chunk of it above, click through to check the whole thing out over at ShockTillYouDrop. The poster has the title as George A. Romero's ...OF THE DEAD. Now obviously this is a working title but am I the only one that would be OK with that being the flick's actual title? Feels like we're just so used to OF THE DEAD being coupled with George Romero that the title makes sense. Who knows, maybe we'll have a CLOVERFIELD on our hands and ...OF THE DEAD will stick, though I doubt it.

Romero's latest zombie romp follows the inhabitants of an isolated island off the North American coast who find their relatives rising from the dead to eat their kin. The leaders of the island feud over whether or not to kill their reanimated relatives or preserve them in hopes of finding a cure. It stars Van Sprang, Kenneth Welsh, Kathleen Munroe, Devon Bostick, Richard Fitzpatrick, Stefano Colacitti, and Athena Karkanis.

Source: STYD



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