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Predators director might be...

06.12.2009by: Eric Walkuski

Take this strictly as rumor right now. Bloody Disgusting is reporting that Robert Rodriguez has chosen a director for his PREDATORS flick, one Neil Marshall. Marshall, I'm sure you'll recall, is the nutty Englishman behind DOG SOLDIERS, THE DESCENT, and DOOMSDAY. While nothing is official yet, the site claims Marshall is close to signing on to the movie.

This makes sense because Marshall is a director with a sense of old-school fun, and he also has a pretty good track record with the fanboys. But... for whatever reason, this isn't making me any more excited about the picture. It's just not something I have a great deal of anticipation for, even though both Rodriguez and Marshall have entertained me greatly at different times.

I guess, for me, this is truly a "wait and see" proposition. What do you guys think?

Extra Tidbit: DOOMSDAY is a helluva lot of fun. (So is Rhona Mitra.)



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