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Road delayed

10.16.2008by: Jared Pacheco

We've been keeping you updated on John Hillcoat's THE ROAD ever since it was announced. We last gave you updates on a mess of new ROAD pictures here and here. Well it looks like things aren't going as planned and THE ROAD is looking to be pushed back, possibly till 2009!

The Hollywood Reporter are dropping the news that things are being held up with the Cormac McCarthy adaptation. There's no reason given, or even an idea of an exact date. Apparently they're currently looking at a December release now, but chances are that'll be crossed out for an early 2009 release. THE ROAD was set to open everywhere on November 26.

The movie is described as a post-apocalyptic tale of a man and his son trying to survive by any means possible. Joe Penhall penned the script. Cormac McCarthy has a few key novels under his belt, THE ROAD being one of his best, so I can't wait to check this movie out. Hell it's already being thrown out there as an Oscar contender, with McCarthy's adaptations snagging some Oscars in the past as well as stars Viggo Mortensen and Charlize Theron (below) being no strangers to Oscar. Guy Pearce and Robert Duvall round out the cast.

So what do you think? THE ROAD have any Oscar potential? Think we'll see it before the end of the year? Keep it here for any more updates as we hear them.

Source: THR



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