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Romero's Diamond Dead alive!

02.08.2008by: Eric Walkuski

Wow here's a blast from the past. It's been ages since I've heard about DIAMOND DEAD - the horror musical/comedy about a zombie rock band that was once being prepped by George Romero and Ridley and Tony Scott's production company. Its name kind've vanished when LAND OF THE DEAD got into full swing - and I for one had totally forgotten about it. Well, don't declare it dead just yet, because Romero tells Cinematical that the project still has some life in its bones.

"I got a phone call two days ago, before I came here, from the producer saying 'We're back!'"

Just how "back" it is remains to be seen, but it apparently financing is falling into place. No word yet if Scott Free Productions is still in the mix.

Romero also talks a bit about doing a follow-up to his newest film, DIARY OF THE DEAD, which comes out next week.

"I wish I could have gone further with it. If there is a possibility of a sequel, I'd actually love to do it, cause there's a hell of a lot more. I'd love to go further with that theme."

You know, I love that the man's still working - but I'd love it even more if he gave the zombies a rest for a while. This guy has proven he can be a genuinely great writer/director outside of the zombie genre (THE CRAZIES is an under-appreciated masterwork, in my opinion). He's obviously always got things on his mind - why not express them without the undead for a change?

Source: Cinematical



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