Update: Tobe Hooper's Texas Chainsaw 3D review is here along with a new trailer and widget

UPDATED: Original TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE filmmaker Tobe Hooper has seen TEXAS CHAINSAW 3D. His verdict? "Incredible! A perfectly terrifying follow-up to the original." Keep in mind Hooper had similar things to say about the remake and its sequel (he produced them both) but a seal of approval from the Master of Horror does give the sequel a bit more credibility. Lionsgate certainly understands this as they're going to be using the pull quote in their ad campaign. Will it help get your ass in the seat January 4th? Feel free to comment below. Now, on to the rest of the story!

Who will survive this TEXAS CHAINSAW 3D news and what will be left of them? That's sort of a lame opener but it's Friday-- cut me some slack (bad-up-tsss!). Okay, since I'm currently incapable of writing anything other the Forrest Ackerman-style puns, we should probably just skip to the TEXAS CHAINSAW 3D news.

First, a new trailer. Well, sort of a new trailer-- it's a :60 preview that remixes much of the footage we saw in the earlier trailer and that TV Spot from yesterday. I'd classify it as more of the same, but worth checking out if you are revved up (double bad-up-tss!) about the film.

Next up, Lionsgate has set up a social networking widget for all things TEXAS CHAINSAW 3D:

To kick off #ChainsawThursdays, Lionsgate presents an all-new social media widget, featuring the debut of an exclusive TEXAS CHAINSAW 3D trailer on Facebook and Twitter. With this new widget you can watch Leatherface terrorize his latest victims, check out the best cast photos, and soak up all the latest Texas Chainsaw tweets... without ever leaving your newsfeed or Twitter stream!

THAT’S NOT ALL! Additionally, every Thursday night from now through January 4th @LionsgateHorror will give fans a chance to spread the#ChainsawThursdays gospel. Twitter users that tweet with the #ChainsawThursdays hashtag will automatically be entered to win free tickets to see TEXAS CHAINSAW 3D at their local theater, with DOZENS of winners each Thursday Night.

You can get the widget off the TEXAS CHAINSAW 3D Facebook. The flick itself hits theaters January 4th. It's directed by John Luessenhop and stars Alexandra Daddario, Trey Songz, Tania Raymonde (pictured below), Dan Yeager, and Bill Moseley. Enjoy the widget and preview below.

Extra Tidbit: "Get that bitch, Leatherface!" better be spoken at some point in the movie.
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