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The Deaden DVD!

02.01.2008by: The Arrow
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Front of DVD.

NOTE: All the other versions of Deaden have been watered down because of censorship issues. This is the only time besides Festivals showings where you get to see it in its uncut glory.

Director Christian Viel and I have been working this for a while and now is the time to let the whore out of the bag! Say hello to the LIMITED TOTALLY UNCUT DVD EDITION of DEADEN (our low budget indie vigilante flick)! Ready to ship out on MARCH 1st 2008 (YOU CAN PRE ORDER THE DAMN THING HERE). All in the name of making sure that peeps who acquire the film get a proper DEADEN DVD, one that we're proud of in terms of the cut, packaging and the extras.

Rane (my sorry ass) is having a bad day...

Here are the DVD stats: Unrated Director's Cut - Image: Standard Version. 4:3. - Sound: Dolby Stereo. EXTRAS: Filmmakers commentary: Christian Viel (director) - John Fallon (writer) - Actors Commentary: Deke Richards (actor) - John Fallon (actor).

Jamie (Jaeger) and Tina (Echeverria) doing the doo!

The DVD also sports Cast/Crew interviews - Photo Gallery - Deaden Teaser/Trailer and Movieseals Prod Trailers. Finally the package will include an autographed postcard (of the one sheet) by some of the cast and crew as well. See the DVD sleeve within this story (and yes the poster art was designed by Ben Templesmith of 30 Days of Night fame).

Kersey (Richards) going buck wild!

Deaden was directed, edited and produced by Christian Viel. I wrote, co produced and played the anti hero in it. The film stars Marcello Bezina (Punisher War Zone), Deke Richards (300), Anna Jaeger (Black Widower), Carmen Echeverria (Undressed) and Kevin Kellsall (The Fountain) and it even sports a cameo from our very own Joblo (aka Berge Garabedian). Hope that the peeps that get it dig the film! Arrow out!

Back of DVD.




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