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Valet gets director

09.26.2008by: Ammon Gilbert
We've seen it on crime shows and shit like Dateline all the time: a psychopath happens to have a job as a valet, parks the car of some woman he becomes obsessed with, he makes copies of her keys, follows her home, and then begins living underneath her bed, watching her until she finally figures out something ain't right. That's f*cked up.

Well Warner Bros. must like the idea, as they just hired Brad Furman to direct (and Matthew Aldrich to rewrite) Alan McElroy's VALET, a movie that explores one such story of pscyhos who work at valets (you'd think they'd do a little better background checks!).

Specifically, VALET follows a parking attendant who becomes obsessed with a female customer and systematically inserts himself into her life. Don't know if he's living under her bed as some stories I've heard, but the guy's definitely a few cans short of a six pack and then some. Talk about freaky!

No word on who's leading this badboy, but filming is set to start within the first quarter of 2009. So instead of using a valet because it's too expensive and you're f*cking broke, you can now tell people that you would use a valet, except you don't want to be stalked by some freak with no reality button. With a point like that, who's gonna argue with you???

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