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03.08.2008by: Jared Pacheco

It wasn't too long ago when I told you all about the updated IBelieveInHarveyDent.com. Well today a MUCH bigger update has hit.

Before I get to that, let me direct you towards some other Harvey Dent news. CHUD scored some info on exactly what we'll be seeing in Two-Face:

...Christopher Nolan is experimenting with a fascinatingly schizophrenic depiction of Two-Face that will blend sane and insane line readings from Eckhart. Basically, Nolan shot complementary takes of Eckhart in Two-Face makeup so he could visually represent the duality of Dent in a less cartoony fashion. What Nolan's doing doesn't sound all that far removed from the Gollum/Smeagol model, though the obvious difference here is that Dent isn't motion-capture; he's a fifty-fifty split of the same actor giving two wildly divergent performances in the same shot. And because he has two takes of each scene, Nolan has the luxury of shaping Eckhart's performance in post; it's just a matter of switching the dial between normal Harvey and bug-fuck Two-Face. Again, both will be present in the shot, but only one will dominate the poor bastard's conflicted consciousness at any given moment. The technical audacity required in pulling this off may be the reason Two-Face was held back in the trailer....

That sounds f*cking awesome! This, along with Ledger's peformance as The Joker, then throw on Chris Nolan and the rest of the cast... and some wonder why THE DARK KNIGHT is my most highly anticipated movie of this year. Now the bar has been raised a whole lot more with this news. I'd say how I hope it's some great computer graphics to put the above together, but seeing how DARK KNIGHT is one huge-ass movie, I doubt they'd settle for anything less than perfect.

Now if you head over to IBelieveInHarveyDent.com, you'll find a mess of updates. Most notably is a new interactive contest for the fans out there. Much like one of The Joker's previous challenges, this one has you taking pictures of yourself with a group of friends showing your Harvey Dent support. The site also has some banners and something called 'The Dentmobile.' Oh yeah. The Dentmobile might be visiting a town near you! So check that out.

If you signed up last week to help Dent take back Gotham City, and you gave your phone number, then you got a phone call from the great Harvey Dent. /Film gave us the info as to what was in that phone call:

ďHello, Iím Harvey Dent, Assistant District Attorney of Gotham, and Iím calling to ask for your support. We all know whatís wrong with Gotham. Crime is out of control. And instead of protecting our streets, too many cops have become criminals themselves.

This is why my mission has been to stamp out police corruption, and this is why Iím considering a run for district attorney. But I canít do it alone. I need to know if you, the people of Gotham, want change. Do you want a Gotham free from the grip of criminals and the corrupt? Are you ready to join a crusade to take back our city? If this is a change you desire, if you are fed up with living in fear, go to ibelieveinharveydent.com and see how you can join the struggle to take back our city. Iím ready to fight for Gotham, if you are ready to fight too.Ē

Awesome. Warner aren't letting up with the viral marketing and I think it's going great. The film is only five months away, give or take, so this stuff is just going to get better. Plus we (hopefully) have the first shot of Two-Face to look forward to soon. Until that comes, enjoy DARK KNIGHT star Maggie Gyllenhaal below.

Source: /FilmCHUD



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