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Where Trance at?

02.25.2009by: The Arrow
Been getting lots of e-mails this year about TRANCE (a horror film that I wrote) as to where the hell is it at? The flick wrapped last year and there hasn't been a trailer out for it yet or even a decent production still.

Being the writer, I am of course the last to know anything, but here's what I heard: The movie is pretty much finished, they've already done the ADR &  the sound mix and it seems that it's the CGFX that are taking forever to complete hence holding the film back.

TRANCE stars actress on the rise Brea Grant (Heroes), Dominique Swain (Lolita) and Jeremy London (Mallrats). It's directed by Brad Malone and is about sexy girls at a rave turned into blood thirsty killers after taking a mysterious new drug. More news on it when we get some.

Cutie pie Brea Grant!

Extra Tidbit: Trance started off as a treatment that I did for Cabin Fever 2. When LG passed on my take on the sequel, I didn't want to waste my work, so I mucho tweaked it and Trance was born.
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