Boyle's next confirmed

Ralston's book's cover

Is Danny Boyle looking for a repeat Oscar-Sweep on his next project? If not him then at least Fox Searchlight would like that since all the elements are lining up for such a treat. And treat it usually is with Boyle, so who could blame the suits at Fox? Well, for that I mean - I could think of a thousand ways to hate Fox otherwise...

The studio and director have confirmed plans for their next film together called 127 HOURS, the long-rumored Boyle project about real-life mountaineer Aron Ralston who spent the titular amount of time trapped under a boulder. According to Variety the film will reunite the same creative forces and financial backing that made SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE deserve its title.

And with a CAST AWAY-type lead role of one guy trapped and presumably all alone on screen for most of the film, better leave a Best Actor nomination spot free for whoever will get that part. Recent rumors had Ryan Gossling high on Danny Boyle's wish list, but the official announcement only mentioned that the search is on for a lead.

Extra Tidbit: I'd see The Arrow play that: Fallon versus Big Friggin Rock. Cinematic Gold right there!
Source: Variety



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