Cast This: Betty and Veronica

This week we're mixing it up a bit on Cast This, as we have our first GIRL casting decision as well as our first DOUBLE FEATURE. What's the occasion?

Last week it was announced that Archie comics had signed with CAA in order to create “branded entertainment opportunites.” One of these “branded opportunities” is almost assuredly an Archie movie, and though no such project has been officially announced yet, it’s not really a question of “if,” but “when.” So what I’m asking for this week is casting suggestions for the dynamic bodacious duo of Betty and Veronica.

Archie may be in the picture, but forget about him. Maybe we’ll get back to strategizing who the man sandwich will be in the movie later, but we’re focusing on the ladies today. Despite the girls having practically exactly the same face with only different color hair, they are meant to be two very distinct personalities, with Betty’s sweet girl-next-door contrasted against Veronica’s seductive vixen tendencies.

It’s important to not only pick look-a-likes here, but when you make your pairing, try to think about how the actresses would feel together on screen, and if the love/hate relationship would work or fall flat. As always I have my own ideas, but I’d rather hear from you. And speaking of hearing from you…


We did reach a distinct verdict in last week's Cast This: Highlander, and it turned out to be the man I thought would get it, winning by the largest margin in the short history of this column.

1. Tom Jane (25%) 2. Kevin McKidd (17%) 3. Gerard Butler (14%)

Jane won by a relative landslide, thanks in part to the fact that he looks EXACTLY LIKE Christopher Lambert. I didn’t actually consider Rome’s McKidd until people started voting for him, and now I actually think he would be the best man for the job. And Gerard Butler brings up the rear, but it’s worth mentioning that he also placed fourth in the Lobo poll, tied for second in Judge Dredd and now here he is in the finals for Highlander. It’s clear you want the man back in an action franchise.

Alright, so let’s hear your hottie suggestions for Betty and Veronica! I have to say I’m really looking forward to this one.

Extra Tidbit: In that picture, it looks like Archie AND Betty both want to bang Veronica.
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