Cast This: Lisa (Weird Science)

So what would you little maniacs like to do first? The correct answer is choose a new Lisa for the WEIRD SCIENCE remake.

We haven't seen many ladies in this column and I think this is an excellent return to the fairer sex. Lisa is pretty perfect, right? Aside from the fact that she was created by two dorky guys who wanted the ultimate woman, she turned out fantastic. She's gorgeous, she always knows the right thing to say, and she could totally kick your ass. What's not to love?

The latest take they have on the material is an "edgier" (because let's just throw that word around) version that will be rated R. I have no problems with the update, but topping any script for a teen movie that John Hughes as ever done is not an easy task in my opinion. If they are going R and edgier, they are definitely not even thinking of that. So who do we place as the object of lust and desire? Do we choose another model? Or is there an actress out there that you already have in mind? Recently, Funny or Die did an odd parody of the film with Victoria Secret model Alessandra Ambrosi who really didn't do a terrible job. She's no Kelly LeBrock though.

I'm not familiar with all the hottest models that are currently out there so you guys will have to throw out the suggestions on this one. My favorite ladies are Miranda Kerr and Adriana Lima though I don't know if they are fit for this. Paul suggested Kelly Brooke which is a damn fine choice. She's done some acting, and has curves in all the right places. Okay, time for you to quitting tossing off and get to casting!


1. Billy Zane 2. Michael Rosenbaum 3. Michael Rooker

This is possibly the best set of results that I've seen since I started this column. Billy Zane? BILLY FREAKING ZANE! Yes, please! It's true he does look like Lex but can he pull it all together for a huge role like this? I'm certainly not opposed to it. So happy to see Michael Rosenbaum here. I don't think I have to defend the argument to use him anymore. As a friend recently said-- he is Lex Luthor. Michael Rooker was a great idea. I think he's a great bad guy and certainly has a way about him. I also liked the idea of Corey Stoll. My hats off to those who chose him. If you saw his role in HOUSE OF CARDS, you know he would be a good fit for Lex.

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