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CAST THIS: The Riddler


Alright, I've had it. I've heard one Riddler rumor too many, and I can't put off this column any longer, in case something official is announced at Comic-Con soon.

Ever since THE DARK KNIGHT premiered, there have been rumors about who exactly would be starring in the sequel due to the fact that no one really believed they would dare recast Ledgerís Joker.

Knowing Chris Nolanís, twisty, turny, epic mystery style of filmmaking, itís no big leap to guess that heíll use THE RIDDLER for his next villain, and craft some exceptionally intelligent, complex plot around that fact. And after months and months of speculation, Iím curious to hear who YOU guys want to play the man in green.

The latest rumor has Joseph Gordon-Levitt as ďin talksĒ for the role, something that doesnít seem super far fetched given his work with Nolan on Inception. But as the rumor comes from a Hollywood gossip site, Iím inclined to blow it off, and remember the previous ďrumoredĒ choices of David Tennant, Johnny Depp and freaking Eddie Murphy.

But who really should play the role? I think Depp is a pretty obvious choice, too obvious in fact, and I donít think Iíd want to see him in this part. I know a few of yor are going to say Neil Patrick Harris, who yes, is an awesome human being, but I donít think he could really fit into the tone of a Nolan Batman movie. No opportunities for song and dance numbers.

I actually donít really have anyone specific in mind, which is why Iím extra curious to see who you come up with. Someone lean, smart, witty and kind of insane. Who should be Edward Nigma?

Last Time: MEGAN FOX

Last Cast This, Megan Fox had just departed TRANSFORMERS 3, and the internet was all a flutter with speculation on who would take her place.

Wellll, you guys didnít exactly have many concrete ideas, and choices ranged from Betty White to ďMicahel Bay in a wig.Ē Ha. Someone said Kristen Stewart, but I couldnít tell if they were joking or not.

And now we know that yes, Rose Huntington-Whitely has taken her place, and we will see if being able to wear underwear and walk in a straight line allows you to be the star of a major movie franchise.

OK, letís hear those Riddler suggestions!

Extra Tidbit: I vote that as fanmade poster of the year.
Source: JoBlo.com
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