Cool Videos: Bryce Dallas Howard spoofs Nicholas Sparks with The Hug

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! Do you have big plans for tonight? Maybe you're going to be checking out one of the new releases in theaters, or perhaps you'll be spending it like me alone, watching that scene from TRUE DETECTIVE on loop with your hand down your pants as you sob uncontrollably. Either way, you should check out this hilarious Nicholas Sparks spoof featuring Bryce Dallas Howard.

Called THE HUG, the fake movie trailer is about a man how runs up and hugs Bryce Dallas Howard's character after confusing her for his cousin, and soon realizes (in the immortal words of Gob Bluth) he's made a huge mistake. Even though it was just a hug and a case of mistaken identity, Howard won't leave the poor bastard alone, and what follows is a perfect spoof of a Nicholas Sparks adaptation. It's a very funny video, and perfect to watch right before you get subjected to whatever shitty romance flick your significant other has in store for you tonight. Maybe if you're lucky, she'll want to watch one of these films.

"Just keep your hands on my face in the rain."

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Source: Funny or Die



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